Who is Payday Loans Express?

We are a responsible intermediary that bridge gap between you and the lender. We work with an extensive panel of renowned and trustworthy lenders, so it becomes easy for you to search, compare and find a loan that you exactly need. We understand what you are dealing with and thus we work fast and help you to find appropriate loan scheme that fit your requirement perfectly.

Is registering with you lengthy and time-consuming?

No, not at all! Our registration process is really very easy. All you need is to fill out a simple form with your basic personal and financial details and submit it. Your private data is safe and confidential with us. The information will be used to match with one or more lenders in our network. Lenders will contact your directly after processing your loan request if are approved or not. Provide you honest and accurate details and get quick response!

How much does it cost to get register with Payday Loans Express?

At this website we do not charge any fee. When you get register with us, you do it for free. There are no obligations and no hidden charges involve. The lender however will charge a fixed fee for processing your loan request.

What are payday loans and how much they offer?

Payday loans are short term loans that may help you to generate quick money ahead of your upcoming payday. Once you gain approval against these loans you can borrow easy financial help that ranges from $100-$1,000, for short time duration of 15-30 days, which generally collides with your next month payday.

Will I be eligible?

Anyone who is above the age of eighteen years and a resident of Canada are eligible to apply. You also need to have valid healthy bank account along with having regular source of income.

How much money I can borrow with installment loans if get approved?

They are special loans that have been especially formulated for the ones who cannot afford to pay back full loan amount in one go. Upon approval of the loan you can get an amount maximum up to $1,500. You can pay back borrowed funds in small easy installments, which will be fixed by the lender. The loan amount may vary from lender to lender. You can make use of approved money to cope with small urgent fiscal demands on time.

Does Payday Loans Express perform credit check?

At Payday Loans Express we will not perform any credit checking. We do not discriminate among our customers and will allow everyone to get registered with us, no matter whether you have bad credit or no credit history at all.

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