Privacy Policy

At Payday Loans Express we are committed to maintain, protect and safeguard the privacy of our visitors. This privacy policy explains you that why we collect your personal and non-personal identifiable details and how we use or share them. We do use advanced security measures on our website that ensure we give respect to your privacy and will always keep your personal details safe and secure. We will never ever discuss, disclose or share your private data with any third parties, without your consent.

Personal identifiable information that we collect-

At the time of registration we ask you to submit your personal identifiable information to us which may include your name, address, contact number, employment and bank account details, social security number, date of birth and citizenship status etc.

Know how we use personal information-

Personal identifiable information that we collect from you will be used to match with one or more lenders on our panel. We understand what you are dealing with and thus we work fast and help you to find the appropriate loan deal that best meets your requirements.

Non-personal identifiable information that we collect-

We will also collect your non-personal identifiable information directly from your computer by the use of cookies that may include your IP address, your browser type and language, your keyword searches, your first and last page visit, your access times, areas you visited on the site, links you have browse while on the website etc.

Know how we use non-personal identifiable information of the visitors-

At Payday Loans Express we will use your non-personal identifiable information just to know how our website is been used. We will send you newsletters from time to time about products and services that you may request. Also by understanding your browsing actions and pattern we will be able to improve our services for you and will also able to make your web browsing experience super fast and easy with us.

Access to information-

We offer round the clock services. You can access to our website at any time, without any obligation. Any content or information available on our site information can be solely used for personal purpose. You are not allowed to copy, download or use any information, content, graphics, images and any other material posted on our site pages for commercial and business related purpose. It will lead to a legal offense. We have copyright on anything and everything posted on the pages of this website.

Changes to website-

We do update this privacy policy at Payday Loans Express at any time without any prior notice. Any changes that we made to the privacy policy will be published on the website. So please do review this privacy policy every time you visit us online to keep a track on any changes.